Wake Up and Smell the Swastikas!
By Ed Rippy

[Note: most of the historical background is documented on my "9-11 and US-led Global Neofascism" and "War Is Still A Racket." To save space, I have omitted those footnotes here.]

According to the best information I have been able to find, we are in much more trouble than most of us realize. The biological, ideological, and corporate descendants of the people who ran Hitler & Mussolini are now running much of this country, much of South America, much of the Middle East, and parts of Central Asia. We are in serious danger of a neofascist police state that will make Nazi Germany look like a picnic, and we need to take this as seriously as if our lives and our children's lives depended on it - because they do. We are as expendable to these people as the Jews, the Poles, the Gypsies, and the homosexuals were to the Third Reich. Today we face unemployment, homelessness, the prison-industrial complex, a drug war which is really a war on us, and biological warfare attacks from our own government. The terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 serve the same function as the Reichstag fire which enabled the Nazis to take over Germany.

Prescott Bush, our President's grandfather, handled banking arrangements for a host of US industrialists who supplied Hitler with money, war materiel, and political cover. Bush owned part of the Silesian-American Steel company, which used slave labor in Poland to make steel for the tanks and airplanes which killed and wounded many of our fathers, grandfathers, and uncles. He also had a piece of the Hamburg-Amerika Steamship line, which gave Nazi propagandists free passage to the US and had supervisors from the Nazi Labor Front on all its ships. Henry Ford, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and ITT built up Hitler's war machine, some of them racking up huge profits from slave labor, and often supplying both sides. The list goes on. Some of these fascists, seeing Roosevelt as a Communist, plotted a coup against him - he found out and it fizzled - but they were so powerful that he couldn't have a single one of them arrested, even though a Congressional report found that the plot was real. The report was hushed up.

After the war, using the military and intelligence services, US fascists rescued many of the Nazi leaders and their industrial assets (of course other countries got some too), using the Morgan Bank among others. The Dulles brothers, who became head of the CIA and Secretary of State, managed much of this while the Justice Department stood by helpless.

Hitler's entire eastern spy network went to work for the US after the war. Klaus Barbie, a brutal Gestapo chief, set up the School of the Americas in the Panama Canal Zone (now the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Co-operation at Fort Benning, GA) as a co-ordinating center for the recycled Nazis of South America. In 1980 his troops, wearing Swastika armbands, carried out a bloody coup in Bolivia. Otto Skorzeny, "Hitler's favorite commando," went to the Middle East, where he built up a network of over 100 former SS officers to maintain political control of the area. Dr. Kurt Blome, a Nazi biological warfare scientist who experimented on concentration camp prisoners, went to the US Army Chemical Corps. Walter Dornberger, a general who worked concentration camp slaves literally to death in the Reich's rocket program, became a senior vice-president of the Bell Aerospace Division of Textron Corporation.[1]

The South American Neonazi network has killed, tortured, and disappeared tens of thousands of people, and US clients around the globe are little different.[2] Argentinean death squads tortured victims under pictures of Adolf Hitler.[3] In the '60s and '70s military intelligence gave money, tear-gas bombs, Mace, and electronic surveillance equipment to thugs in Chicago for use against local anti-war groups.[4]

Sixteen states have passed laws allowing forced vaccination or quarantine in case of biological emergency. Eleven allow confiscation of buildings and property. Seventeen grant immunity from prosecution to state and private actors for these deeds.[5] Remember, the anthrax in the mailings after 9-11 was processed in US Government labs, and a former biowarfare director said the attacks were a good thing since they got more money for the budget.[6 Police in Oakland routinely beat up and even kill poor people, usually of color, with impunity. At last report, there is still no evidence that protesters at the Oakland docks on April 7 threw anything at police, but the police shot them with "less-than-lethal" weapons and ran into them with motorcycles. They targeted dockworkers as well as protesters, dragged an ILWU business agent from his car, roughed him up, and held him for eighteen hours. Witnesses report that police had covered or removed their badges. Port management and Stevedoring Services of America, which has contracts in the Persian Gulf, met with police three days before the protests.[7 The "PATRIOT" Act -written long before 9-11 - allows the government to lock non-citizens up forever with no hearing or evidence if the Secretary of State "suspects" them of terrorists links.[8] A new law in the works will allow the government to strip people of their citizenship for joining or providing "material support" to any group which the Attorney General has designated "terrorist."[9] The FBI, with the aid of local police departments, is collecting intelligence on antiwar groups as part of its "counterterrorism" program.[10] Gen. Tommy Franks, retired "liberator" of Iraq, says that another terrorist attack on the US would probably lead to a military government.[11] The Department of Homeland Security said in late November 2003 that it expects al-Qaeda to attack soon.[12]

At the FTAA protests in Miami, police shot, gassed, beat, and arrested protesters without provocation, injuring over 100 and sending at least 12 to the hospital. Although the police knew the charges wouldn't stick, they arrested over 250 in order to beat and torture them for daring to voice disagreement with government policy.[13] One eyewitness relates, "[O]ver at the jail vigil a few blocks away the police declare an illegal assembly. They tell people to get on the sidewalk and they'll be safe. Then they surround the group on the sidewalk, beat people to the ground, kneel on their spines and arrest them.... A friend comes up and tells me that Abby and her friends have been badly beaten up, jumped by cops on their way home to their hotel, her sweet, lovely face pushed into the pavement. 'We could kill you here,' the cops tell them."[14]


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