My mom (Freda Faye Rippy) & dad (Edward Bayard Winston Rippy) at a fancy ball in Germany (probably in the mid-'fifties)

Tribute to My Mom

My mom worked as society column editor for the Elko (Nevada) Free Press in the 'fifties; it was the only journalistic position open to women at the time. After she married my dad, she did little if any writing. I do recall that after they divorced, she published some articles under the pen name "Wye Teahe" (YT, for "Yours Truly"). But she could do some serious reporting. After she died I inherited her effects, and discovered this typescript. I don't know if anyone ever published it. Notice that she used her own name for this.

My own writing

Global War And the Malthusian Imperative
Guns, Drugs and Oil: 9-11 and US-Led Global Fascism
The Realpolitik of the Afghan War Part 1, Part 2

Guns and Drugs: The CIA's Admissions
Where the NarcoDollars Go
How the US Has Gotten Into Wars
9-11 and US Global Hegemony
War Is Still a Racket
Wake Up and Smell the Swastikas
Denial In the "Progressive" Press
Some Real US Government Conspiracies We Know About
Ali Mohamed: US Foreign Policy Asset

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